Curriculum  Vitae

Name: Xu Jianying (aiic member)

Gender: Male

Date of Birth: 21 Sept. 1956

Tel:      8610 65975081

Fax:      8610 67674316


Mobile:   13901024891

Language combination: Chinese, English and French

Address: Apt. 202#, 4#lou, Fang Gu Yuan 1 Qu, Fangzhuang, Fengtai, Beijing, 100078


Education, Training and Working Experience


Sept. 1970 Feb. 1976

Foreign Languages School attached to Beijing Foreign Languages Institute

Feb. 1978 March 1982

Beijing Foreign Studies University

March 1982 Aug. 1985

Conference interpreter of China National Commission for UNESCO

Sept. 1985 March 1986

Trainee, Joint Interpretation Service of EEC in Brussels

March 1986 August 1988

Conference interpreter of China National Commission for UNESCO

Sept. 1988 Jan. 1991

Conference interpreter based in Paris

Sept. 1989 Jan. 1991

student in the Ecole Superieur dinterpretation and traduction de Paris

Feb. 1991 Aug. 1995

Conference interpreter, China National Commission for UNESCO

Aug. 1995






Annex:  Selected list of meetings that I worked for




Accompanied a leader to visit Japan for UN projects

Autumn session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

The 4th Extra-ordinary session of the General Conference of UNESCO (Paris)




Regional Symposium on Higher Education (Bangkok)

Regional Workshop on Higher Education (Manila)

UN Conference on Namibia (Paris)

UN Conference on Palestine (Paris)

International Council Meeting on Communication (Tashkent)

International Conference on Understanding and Peace (Paris)

Spring session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

21st session of the General Conference of UNESCO (Paris)

Autumn session of the Executive Board (Paris)




Regional Workshop on Literacy (Nanjing)

8th Regional Conference of National Commissions (Manila)




13th session of Forestry Committee of FAO (Beijing)

Bilateral Negotiation between EEC and China (Brussels)

International Workshop on Apartheid (Beijing)




Spring session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Autumn session of the Executive Board (Paris)

Consultation of Secretaries General of National Commissions (Paris)

Sport and Physical Education Committee (Paris)

World Conference on Education (Geneva)




Spring session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Autumn session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

23rd session of the General Conference of UNESCO (Paris)

Consultation of APPEAL (Chingmai, Thailand)




Spring session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Autumn session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Conference of Ministers of Sports (Moscow)

UN meeting of Funds Transfer (Vienna)

39th International Conference on Education (Geneva)




Spring session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Autumn session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Governmental Conference on Convention of Vocational Education (Paris)

25th session of the General Conference of UNESCO (Paris)

Peace Conference on Cambodia (Paris)




Winter City Conference (Norway)

International Council meeting on Communication (Paris)

Spring session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Consultation of Five Permanent Members of the Security Council of UN (Paris)

International Conference on Acupuncture (Paris)

International Symposium on DeGaulle (Paris)




Spring session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Autumn session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Regional Workshop on Standard Testing (Beijing)

26th General Conference of UNESCO (Paris)

26th General Conference of FAO (Rome)

International Symposium on Rural Education (Shangdong, China)

Regional Workshop on Literacy Personnel Training (Chengdu, China)




International Symposium of Special Education (Harbin, China)

Roundtable of China's Energy Development Strategy (Beijing)

Spring session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

Symposium of Higher Education Management (Paris)

Autumn session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)




Inland Economic Symposium (Chongqing, China)

CIDA Programme (Tianjing, China)

Fulbright meeting (Beijing)

Law Enforcement on Drugs by the American Customs (Qingdao, China)

Autumn session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

27th General Conference of UNESCO (Paris)

International Symposium on Vocational and Technical Education (Beijing)

Financing of Higher Education (Beijing)

World Conference on Apiculture (Beijing)

China-Australia Forum on Trade, Environment and Engery (Beijing)

Summit Conference of the 9 Populous Countries (New Dehli)

Board of Directors of Master Card (Beijing)

Chemical Weapon Control Meeting (Hague, Holland)

Clean Coal Technology Symposium (Beijing)




Bell Atlantic Briefing on Telecommunication (Beijing)

BASF Press Conference (Beijing)

International Herald Tribune Press Conference (Beijing)

JP Morgan Press Conference (Beijing)

International Meeting on Forestry (Fuzhou, China)

International Seminar on Women (Beijing)

International Seminar on Human Rights (Beijing)

UNESCO meeting (Beijing, Shanxi, Henan)

Workshop of Peregrine Investment Bank (Beijing)

China 94 Duty Free (Beijing)

Chief interpreter for China Economic Summit (Beijing)

Negotiation of Joint Venture between China and Australia (Beijing)

Ericsson Telecommunication Programme (Beijing)

International Conference on BOT (Beijing)

Morgan Stanley Conference (Beijing)

Currency Reform Symposium by the Ministry of Finance (Beijing)

American Customs meeting (Guangzhou, China)

Negotiation of Joint Venture (Beijing, Shanghai)

Peregrine Investment Bank Meeting in China (Beijing)

Conference of Asia-Pacific Economic Co-operation Committee (Liaoning, China)

AT&T meeting (Beijing)

IBM OS/2 software seminar  (Beijing)

Interpreter for Mr. Donalson, President of New York Stock Exchange, during his visit to China

Eye-care meeting of Johnson & Johnson (Beijing)

44th World Conference of Education (Geneva)

145th session of the Executive Board of UNESCO (Paris)

International conference on China in the 21st century (Tokyo)

International symposium of market economy and educational reform (Beijing)

International symposium of criminal procedures by CIDA (Beijing)

Eridium GSM seminar (Beijing)

Interpreter for negotiation of commercial space launching agreement between China and the United States  (Beijing)

Negotiation of the use of fly-ash to produce aggregates by Pudong Power Plant (Shanghai)




Science and Technology policy evaluation meeting (Beijing)

France Telecom meeting (Beijing)

Joint venture negotiation (Beijing)

ABITIBI-Price Pulp making (Beijing)

Joint Venture Negotiation (Shanghai, Beijing)

ABB Transportation Seminar (Beijing)

UNESCO Executive Board (Paris)

World Heritage Meeting (Morocco)

UN World Conference on Women (Beijing)

Organiser of interpreters for UN Special Events (Beijing)

Organiser of interpreters of Anti Corruption World Congress (Beijing)

Organiser of interpreters for the Conference of Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (Beijing)

UNESCO General Conference (Paris)

Insurance Conference (Beijing)




Seminar on the amendment of the Environmental Law (Beijing)

Seminar on Chinas External Borrowings of World Bank (Beijing)

BOT Conference (Malaysia)

Visit of Finland President (Beijing)

Agricultural Conference (Beijing)

Clean Coal Technology (Beijing-Ning Po)

Insurance Regulators Conference of CIGNA (Beijing)

HP Technical Seminar (Beijing)

Automobile Engine seminar (Beijing)

Computer Associates Presentation (Beijing)

French Export Credit meeting (Beijing)

Bio-diversification workshop (Beijing)

Beijing Dialogue of Malaysia (Beijing)

Mekong River meeting (Kunming)

Organiser of interpreters of World Conference on Archives (Beijing)

Organiser of interpreters of the 2nd Summit of City Mayors of Asia and Pacific (Beijing)

Chemical Week (Beijing)

World Economic Forum (Beijing)

Seminar on Ex/Import Contract (Beijing)

John Hankock Insurance Company (Beijing)

Telecommunication meeting (Beijing)

Economist meeting (Beijing)

Novell 96 Brain-share (Beijing)

Morrison International Accounting (Beijing)

Training Program for the Peoples Bank of China (Beijing)

UNICEF meeting (Beijing)

Stock Exchange meeting (Beijing)



International Seminar on Industrial Structure Reform (Beijing)

Earthquake Forecast Conference (Beijing)

Annual Meeting of Ericsson China (Beijng)

Meeting on Child Convention by UNICEF (Kunming)

Women Hotline Meeting-British Embassy (Beijing)

World Congress of Pharmaceuticals (Beijing)

Sino-American Trade and Commerce Negotiation when the Vice President visited China (Beijing)

China-Australia Forum (Shanghai)

Lincoln National Mutual Insurance Group meeting (Beijing)

International Seminar on Feminism (Beijing)

Iron Ore meeting (Beijing)

P&W Financial Training Workshop (Beijing)

97 China Duty Free (Beijing)

Financial Conference of Pacific Basin (Shanghai)

29th General Conference of UNESCO (Paris)

29th General Conference of FAO (Rome)

General Motors negotiation in China (Beijing)

Joint Meeting of Swiss United Bank and Minsheng Bank of China (Beijing)

13th General Assembly of Pacific Economic Co-operation (Chile)




Negotiation between China and USA on Legal Assistance (Beijing)

Seminar on Asian Financial Crisis by Shanghai-Hongkong Bank (Beijing)

Technical Seminar on AMD 7-D Microprocessor (Beijing)

Annual Briefing by Peoples Bank of China (Beijing)

Women Hotline Rescue Workshop by the British Embassy (Beijing)

Medical System of American Standard Briefing (Beijing)

Aircraft Engine Maintenance and Management by P&W (Chengdu)

World Economic Forum 1997 (Beijing)

IBM Operation System Introduction (Beijing)

Beijing University Centenary Celebration (Beijing)

FAO Forestry Expert Meeting (Beijing)

APEC Business Summit (Malaysia)

IBM S/390 Application (Beijing)

Lucent Technologies IP Routers and Switches Roadshow (Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou)

Symantec Norton Utilities Chinese Version Launching (Beijing)

P&W Engine Management (Beijing)

Chemical Week (Beijing)

China-USA Energy Summit (Beijing)

Cigna  Medical Insurance Briefing (Beijing)


Sun Computers Meeting (Beijing)

COMDEX Beijing (Beijing)

Compaq CEO visit (Beijing)

US-China Coalbed Methane Utilization Seminar (Beijing)

Euro Dollar and its Impact on China Seminar (Beijing)

Financial Reform and Infrastructure Investment (Beijing)

Philips meeting (Beijing)

UNICEF annual meeting (Beijing)

World Congress of Architects (Beijing)

Microsoft Research Institute meeting (Beijing)

Computer Associates World Conference (New Orleans, USA)

Sino-America Energy Forum (Houston, USA)

Bio-mass Energy Seminar (Changchuan, China)

Liberty Mutual Safety Training Program (Boston, USA)

Fortune 500 (Shanghai)

World Congress of Procurators (Beijing)

25th General Conference of UNESCO (Paris)

25th General Conference of FAO (Rome)

Conference of International Cooperation of Environment Protection (Beijing)

Alternative Fuel Vehicle  (Beijing)

World Congress of Pharmaceutical Industry (Beijing)




Engine management training by Pratt & Whitney (Kunming, China)

Computer Associates World Conference (New Orleans, USA)

Micheal Dell presentation in Hsinghua University

Morgan Stanley IPO Roadshow (Beijing)

World Economic Forum (Beijing)

Sino-America Energy Cooperative Protocol Meeting (Beijing)

Lucent Technology Seminar (Beijing)

Warton Business School EMBA Training Program (Beijing)

Pratt & Whitney Management Training (Dalian, China)

Seminar on Military Civilian Conversion (Beijing)

Computer Associates Asia Conference (Shanghai)

Economist Conference (Beijing)

Dryland Farming (Beijing)

Softbank Seminar (Beijing)

Regional Conference of Asia and Pacific of FAO (Yokohama, Japan)

Anti-corruption Congress of Asia (Beijing)